Saturday, August 8, 2015

Love at Last

Love is in bloom with me and my boys! It has not been an easy road to this point. They have tolerated me and I've dreamed of the time that they might look at me as something other than the one that feeds us so we must tolerate her, but we don't need to be friendly or nice.

It's really not been that bad but it's finally becoming a respectful relationship and I'm a happy paca momma!

It all started as the weather began to slightly warm up and I decided I would sit in their small pasture before I let them out into the field. I would sit and talk to them whether they paid attention or not, but I soon found they came right over and hung out close - not so close I could touch them, but close.

If I had a few pieces of food they would come closer and eat from my hand and after 30 minutes or so I would open up the gates and let them out. Then I began to leave them in the smaller area while I did my chores - cleaned up poo, scrubbed water buckets and refreshed hay etc. and they hung pretty close watching me work.

And then one day I reached out to try and scratch a back and they let me! I just did it for a few minutes and stopped. At one point or another each of the three have let me scratch backs and necks, but Sam is the one that seems to love it. Last night he leaned into my legs and I leaned back and scratched him for probably 10 minutes - WOW!

Of course, at this time of the year with the heat hosing their bellies and legs becomes not just a fun gesture of my love, but a necessity and I think that has finally become a sign of my care and they have grown in their trust of me. They run to the hose and greedily get as much as they can ahead of the others.

I am spending much more time with them and they are gifting me with trust and even occasionally
a paca kiss! Of course, Lefty will also try to steal my cap if it's on or maybe taste my hair, but it's done in playful way and makes our time even more fun.

We always fought to get them in their trailer and after we moved it and left the doors open, they have turned it into their "vacation" home! They go in and out of it like it's the greatest of fun and even take naps in it. Who knew they would adjust to it on their own and now I can walk up when they're in it, open and close the doors and they don't seem to mind.

We will take it!