Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Last 2015 Highlights

 Closing out 2015 with the of the boys highlights!

Pancho got a cowbird as a friend!

Yellow crowned Night Heron came to fish their soggy field!
My sketch of said night heron!

The boys got neighbors! Three horses - they love visiting through the fence!

They had a visitor from Indiana and 

And she loved to feed them - they loved her!

Polly came in from Indiana, too. They remembered her
and loved having her let them out in the mornings!

Closing out the year the boys got a sign for Christmas and they will have a very special gate from our back yard into their big field.  This was a surprise for me and them and I got to open it Christmas morning.  Bill did an amazing job getting the three painted to look like our three and we hung it on this fence so we could see it with the boys!

For some time we have talked about using a door and having a sign above it. We headed out the next day and found the perfect door to use as the gate. (See below) 

It has been lousy weather since Christmas, but we have gotten the frame work up and will have the gate operational within a week or so!  Watch for a post to proudly show off our new gate!

Couldn't close out the year with out showing them munching on their Colorado hay! It has been a big hit and they got special serving on Christmas and New Years!

 Lefty got a pencil drawing and I think I did pretty good, not sure he would agree. But at least I didn't give him that flat rain do!

The other two got watercolors done during the year;

And so with this I'm closing out 2015! I've been practicing with purchased fiber to perfect my spinning before I use their fiber. And speaking of their fiber, it will be heading to a new local mill for processing and prepping it for me to spin. Next year our goal is to have some of the boys yarn and or fiber for sale! Love these guys and it's been a wild ride for the last three years! Can't wait to see what's ahead!