Monday, November 16, 2015

2015 Spring Means Shearing

Spring began with shearing and it was done at our place this year. We had the greatest group of young men from  Our team of was headed up by Ben and they did a wonderful job. It was so nice this year to have it done at our farm and not load them up and visit another farm. They were so much calmer and so relieved to have that heavy thick fiber off.

Waiting for the shearers to arrive.

Checking Lefty's fiber before shearing.

Going to be a lot cooler with all of that off!

I'm skinny!

Eek, we're really little!

Chilling in the sun!

Catching up on some zzzs!

Jack checking out the boys fiber.
Starting the carding process of some of Lefty's fiber.

After a couple of passes through the carder.

Ready to spin.

On the wheel.

Ready to dye, knit or weave.