Monday, January 11, 2016

Gate is Coming Along

When we saw a door being used as a gate at our local lily garden shop, we knew we needed one from our back yard to the boys field.

Bill surprised me with this fabulous sign for Christmas.

We just had to see it with the boys so a temporary hanging took place. I love how they made the three alpacas on the sign look so much like our boys.

And so the next day we headed out to the Architectural Antiques shop in downtown Houston to find a door. We love the one we found - sort of reminds me of the door for Mr. Ed. Ours isn't a split door, but the look is similar.  Bill removed the glass and I've sanded it down making it much more rustic. I have painted some brown over the bare spot and then added some white on top of it. The next step will be to sand that part down and put a sealer over the entire door.

  And Bill has got the door frame ready to go.

That temporary piece of picket fence will move out and the door will move in! Our plan is to complete the installation this coming weekend. They promise some sunshine - hope we get it. If all goes well, next post will show it all complete.

Looking forward to this addition to our back yard!