Monday, January 4, 2016


Finally winter appears to be coming to our part of Texas!

We spent most of December in the 60's and 70's and even broke some records around Christmas with 80 degree days! But finally, we're around normal and we'll hit around 60 during the day this week, but around 30 for a few nights! I have friends in Colorado and Canada that are laughing right now!

We do live on a prairie and the wind is amazing from the north.  And while that is awesome in the summer it's not so much fun in the winter and so I've winterized the boys pen.  They love the cold, but the wind, not so much!

I'm excited because I finally seem to have this under control. The first year we used plastic tarps tied to the fencing and gates, but when it flaps it makes noise and it's bright blue. (that's my complaint, not theirs) Last year I bought these canvas drop cloths and sewed velcro on thinking that would work - well, I spent a lot of time re-hooking the tabs.

And so this year, I got a kit to place grommets along the edges. Wow, this was so much easier than that velcro  sewing last year. and should last a few years. Anyway, within a couple of hours I had grommets in three pieces and had the pen almost ready for the upcoming cold weather! Surely, we'll have some!

And, Bill got the frame up for the new "door gate" and I got the touch up painting done to the door. So next weekend we should have it all in working order!

And everything is paca approved!